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It’s my dreamhouse. An Energy Efficient Portland Penthouse. Check it out here.

Photography by Lincolnd Barbour:

If you’re interested in design, architecture, or the world at large you will probably enjoy Urbanized, a full-length documentary about the design of cities.
Made by the same people who created Helvetica and Objectified.

What, towers that twist from two sites, connecting at strategic points? Material structures that support themselves?

Last Night at an AIA (American Institute for Architects) Event, Lisa Iwamoto, from IWAMOTOSCOTT, spoke a little bit about their work. She shared some beautiful, innovative projects that can inspire many different forms of design & exceptional problem solving.
From a web-design perspective, the site also has a nice interactivity on the home-pages.

*Some Architectural Inspiration for the day.

NW Modern/ Architecture + Art Show PDX

What defines northwest modern art and design?
Is it the rich natural environment that inspires, is it the eclectic sense of design that mixes without pretension or is it the creative class of individuals that flow into this region bringing fresh ideas and energy to the Pacific Northwest?
~ Northwest Modern. 

This show is in the Tombly House in SW: 4449 SW Twombly St., Portland, Oregon
Visit for more details:

The show only runs through the 28th of October, so go check it out.